Tier 3 is coming….What does that mean for us?

Tier 3 is coming❗️ – What does this mean if you are looking to buy or sell your home?

The property market is allowed to continue, you can view houses and arrange a valuation, with strict safety measures in place.

I am particularly careful myself (being an asthmatic) I do online shopping, (many, many deliveries to my house!!) One advantage to working from home.

😷 I wear N95 face mask, sanitise hands before and after every appointment, keep a social distance and limit contact and I also use digital contracts.

Rules :

Only two households allowed in a property at one time.

Safety guidelines sent to all viewers, asking them to answer questions regarding Covid symptoms etc.

Face covering must be worn.

Limit contact with door handles etc.

Social distance adhered too.

Window and doors open if possible to allow air flow.

Internal Doors open to avoid touching.

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